Thursday, November 13, 2014

Values Topics

Tell us about :

1. a good friend

2. your pet

3. something you like doing
4. a good book you have read

5. your taste in clothes
6. something you are good at
7. your favorite kind of music
8. what you did last Sunday

9. your room

10. how you get to school/work

11. a game you like playing

12. something you lost recently

13. a TV programme you like

14. your plans for next week

15. something dangerous

16. your family

17. your last holiday

18. your favorite subject at school

19.something you are proud of

20. a frightening experience

21. happiness

22. a country you are interested in

23. the season you like best

24. a nice present you were given

25. what you do in the evenings

26. fun

27. animals

28. what makes you laugh

29. something you worry about

30. a dream you had

31. your hopes for the future

32. a job you would like

33. something you would like possess

34. your feelings about smoking

35. your ideas about the ideal wife or husband

36. your happiest moment in the last year

37. your ideal flat/house

38. something you do not like doing

39. something you think is stupid

40. your most important possession

41. your feelings about this game
42. an adventure

43. a lucky day

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