Thursday, November 13, 2014

Values Dilemma

Values Dilemma    
Read the following story, then follow the instructions.


You are on holiday on a luxury ocean going ship. Suddenly a violent storm erupts, and the ship is blown onto a hidden rocks. It then sinks quickly. You find yourself in the water, but nearby is a lifeboat. You swim to it and quickly climb aboard as there are now many sharks nearby who have been attracted by the smell of blood. You check the lifeboat and find there is fresh water and some food. There is also a first aid kit, some flares, and a small radio transmitter. Around you in the water you hear voices calling for help. Who should you help onto the lifeboat first, as there are only a limited number of spaces, some people will be left behind in the water and be eaten by the sharks.

The question is ‘who will be left behind?’
You can only choose 6 from the following list to save, anymore than that  and the lifeboat will sink and everyone will be eaten by the sharks. Who will be left behind, and who will be saved?
*Remember 2 people will be left out of the boat, though it means certain death!

1. The Captain, 58. A very experienced sailor capable of navigating by the stars alone. Married with 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Has a secret drinking problem.

2. Medical officer, 47. Fully trained with b20 years of experience and service and an expert in tropical diseases. Separated from his wife and 2 children.

3. Pregnant woman, 32. This woman lost her husband and son when the ship sank on the reef. She was on her first holiday in five years.

4. Young girl, 12. Both her parents and a younger brother were on board when the ship hit the reef. They are now missing, presumed drowned or eaten. She is hysterical.

5. Young sailor, 19. Has only been employed for six weeks. This is his first cruise, lacks experience at sea but is a good radio operator.

6. Old millionaire,  74. A rich businessman with a reputation for being ruthless. He was on his way to start up a new factory in a poor country, that would employ many hundreds of poor, local people.

7. Scientist, 39. Returning home after five years of intense research in the jungle, where she has found a cure for Malaria. Has some basic medical knowledge.

8. Missionary, 56. A nun who has devoted thirty years of her life to treating lepers in Africa, returning home for a month before taking up a new post in India.
Task :
Put the 6 characters you have chosen from the story into the lifeboat. Put them in order, number 1 being the first person you would help into the lifeboat, and number 6 being the last one you would help in. Then explain your reasons for putting them in this order.

Person                 Reason
1._____________               _____________________________________________

2. _____________                    _____________________________________________

3. _____________                    _____________________________________________

4. _____________                    _____________________________________________

5. _____________                    _____________________________________________

6. _____________                    _____________________________________________

Shark baits               Reason
 7. _____________                   _____________________________________________

8. _____________                    _____________________________________________

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